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Metal Component Engineering Limited
Debt/EBITDA 3.187 Cap Ex S$ (1.65) mm
Total Debt S$ 11.07 mm EBIT S$ 0.05 mm
Enterprise Value S$ 14.26 mm Total Revenue S$ 71.4 mm
Total Assets S$ 57.83 mm Net Income S$ 0.53 mm
Cash & ST Investments S$ 12.15 mm EBITDA S$ 3.47 mm
All data based on last reported information from 12/Apr/2016.
Ex-Date Pay Date Type Price
05/May/2014 16/May/2014 Cash S$ 0.001
25/Apr/2013 09/May/2013 Cash S$ 0.002
06/May/2008 28/May/2008 Cash S$ 0.001
04/May/2005 27/May/2005 Cash S$ 0.002
04/May/2004 18/May/2004 Cash S$ 0.003
Substantial Shareholders Number of shares held Percent of shares held
Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited 37,805,800 10.11%
Kheng Choon Chua 27,737,666 7.41%
OCBC Securities Private Limited, Securities Arm 17,267,781 4.62%
Soo Yong Tan 15,791,332 4.22%
Hock Heng 13,859,000 3.7%